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I bought these shoes from a hobo! [entries|friends|calendar]

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friends only [28 Feb 2006|12:26am]
this journal is friends 4eva

[11 Dec 2004|11:31am]
Sorry if it's a bit late for two of you, but a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sephyelysian, silverdragon33, violeteyeddevil, and vadalia, all you silly December birthday people. ^_~ Hope your special day is full of happiness and joy and lots of green paper!! :D

And Va, yours is on New Year's Eve. That's cool.

Man am I a nerd.
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[20 Nov 2004|03:33pm]
Good morning all you fine ladies!! ^_____^ (and gents)

Haha, I hope you guys missed *hopefully not forgot* me? :) Well... school has been very stressful!! But I do love getting to meet all these new people! Band has been pretty bad-- I really detest marching band, and concert band in third band is pretty boring. Though it does give me time to concentrate on my schoolwork, I guess? ^__^ Haven't done much on the internet lately, though participated in quite a bit of wank in some of the comms on my fuhlist. WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT MY WANK ;_;

So tell me... how have you guys been lately? Anything exciting happen? Nothing exciting happen? Any wank? That you started? I want to catch up.

Love, Julie
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[26 Jul 2004|02:55am]
[ mood | itchy ]

Oh goddammit it's 3 AM and I can't sleep. @___@

This must be punishment for sleeping till 2 this morning (or afternoon, whichever floats your goat) AHH AND I'M WIDE AWAKE AND I NEED TO GO PEE AND


There's, like, never any goddamn food in this house!!!!!!!! I am SO hungry and my stomach's eating itself and GAH no pastries!!!! ;x;x;x;x;x;

And my hair dye (which is NOT evil L'Oreal Paris, yay!) does not work. MY HAIR DYE DOES NOT WORK. Q_Q (which makes it the equivalent of L'Oreal Paris, I guess) Well, I guess it does work, on like normal human hair and not this weird pile of shit growing on my head. SADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, to amuse myself, I went over to young_gay_japan and read over a few of the Shinji logs. One of them mentioned Kamio bringing Shinji shitake mushrooms when he's sick, which is all fine and dandy, but then the writer mentions something about eating the "warm fungi" and I went WTF?!?!??!!?!? MMMMMMMMMMMMM FUNGI!!!!!! I'D SURE LIKE SOME FUNGI!!!!!!!!!! Like that shit growing beneath my sink? Sure I'll eat that too!!!!

Really, how damn bad can people WRITE?! It's like the lemons where the seme "shoved his long wet meaty stick into the uke's inviting quivering asshole". WTF.

Oh, and I watched tenipuri 135-144 (save for 137, 139, 140, 141) and I've had a revelation.


Do not hate.



*hyperventilates and explodes*

If you're a tenipuri sistaa and have hung around with me for a while now, you might remember that I've subject probably over 5 rants on evil anorexic demon boy. I HATED HIM. I HATED HIM BEYOND ALL UTTER BELIEF!!! And now it's all gone!!

Well, not really... I'm still very "ehh" on him, but it's a start.

And I do not hate Rikkai WHOA. Sanada is funnyfunny.

But my dislike for Ann just grew. I'm not going to spoil you, but.... really, how SELFISH. Did she even THINK about what Kamio went through!??!

And if you've read to here, PLEASE could anyone write me a Shinji x Kirahara drabble?? I'll love you for so long, your brain and intestines will melt from all the LOVE!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I'm now off to make myself a sandwich.

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[21 Jul 2004|03:40pm]
[ mood | weird ]

This'll be short, but--

I want to write letters to people!! (idea jacked directly from crescent_vision) Please? It will be joyful fun! I'll even go all the way to Moshi-Moshi and buy awesomely cool stationary and pens just for you!! Just, like, leave your address here and stuff (or e-mail me at julie_3168@msn.com) and I'll poke you with my toe when I've sent your letter.

And Rachel-- I'm going to buy your pens tomorrow, and hopefully ship them off sometime this week. How are you getting on with the nifty Chinese doujinshi?

And I went to Steph's (silverdragon33) house yesterday and scanned some prettypretty stuff from the gorgeous Tenipuri doujinshi spitfirez sent me! You better appreciate it, too-- you have no idea of the pain and agony I went through to NOT break the spine, but I broke it anyway.

The jacket cover and one of the inside flaps with ADORABLE Tezuka, Eiji, Fuji, and Ryoma chibis. And Inui's there flying in the corner, which looks really damn weird but cracked me up. Tezuka looks quite yellow.

The jacket back cover and one of the inside flaps, with some REALLY REALLY DAMN CUTE Sengoku, Kamio, Dabide, Atobe, and Kirihara chibis.

The cover of the book. It's some sort of weird comic about a buchou!meeting, in which Kentarou has a bag of peanuts? And there's Tezuka and some random captain from a school I don't know, apparently long-lost lovers.

The back cover, buchou!meeting continued! With Atobe and angry!Rikkai.

This REALLY REALLY pretty poster that consists of Tezuka, Fuji, Atobe, and Oshitari.

Poster part deux, which has Eiji, Ryoma, Tezuka, and Fuji sitting around lying all over each other doing English homework. Awww~~

Some Hyotei comic with the most gorgeous art I have EVER seen in a doujinshi!! Of course, I accidently moved the book a bit during scanning, so Gakuto's face looks weird and wiggly. Take my word for it, though. It's REALLY PRETTY.

Cuz Fuji looks funny when he's crying.

Dominitrix Shishido. Complete with starnipples!Ohtori.

Am off to play tennis with David, then be old cigar-faced mafia men at the country club with Daniel, Peter, and Catherine!! (aka playing pool)

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nerd camp, tenipuri meme [17 Jul 2004|12:02am]
[ mood | sore ]

Hi guys. I'm back and I love you!! Band camp (yes I'm several different types of dork) was a total load of shit. Horny fork orgies were fun, though.

Okay!!! But I absolutely CAN'T leave without babbling about this weird shit that happened in my dorm! My suite-mate tried to commit suicide, like, on the fourth day.

badgerbadgerbadgerMUSHROOMCollapse )

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!! spitfirez sent me this HILARIOUS tenipuri doujinshi!!!! It's so FUNNY XDXDXDXDXDXD and it's got this gorgeous poster and this ADORABLE chibi art!!*cradles* I l0ff you Rachel ;x;x;x;x;x;

Oh, and a whory tenipuri meme jacked from several people on the fuhlist.

click me yay.Collapse )

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In which Julie is dorky and preppy at the same time. [03 Jul 2004|06:57pm]
[ mood | dear lord I'm so tired... ]

Well, I'm back now!! Missed you all like crazy, but I had an amazing time. The only girl I knew from last year who came this term turned out to be my roomate, yay!!! She is so FUNNY and outgoing and is the greatest dancer ever; I love her so much. <3 And everyone else was absolutely wonderful too... there was my lovely pimp Katie, (im_rye_godamnit) also Open-Down on DevART and is a pretty damn popular artist there, so you might recognize her if you're into the J-Rock community.

Jooleh's completely superficial b0i 'problems'! a.k.a GUYS ARE ASSHOLESCollapse )

Also, I painted my toenails black. They're so pretty! <3 And I'm going to take a break from LJ. Two weeks, a month, I'm not sure... but I need to get away from the computer. It's summer and I want to go out-- I'm going to another camp in less than a week, so I need to use this one to the fullest. Am also deathly frightened of the prospect of catching up on the fuhlist, which has piled up like monsters.

Lots of sweet sweet mushy love,

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[12 Jun 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Okay, I'm going to camp for three weeks! So if I don't reply to comments or post, it means I HATE YOU ALL XO. Either that or it means I'm in North Carolina and have no access to computers!!!!!

mad!art!skillz!token of my l0ff for you.

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[11 Jun 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | OMGYES ]

Oh my gosh! I just found the BEST Fudomine Yahoo group!! It has such PRETTY fanart and such... haven't explored much of it yet, but it looks great for all you Fudo-fans. :D

There's one catch though. IT'S IN CHINESE. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D So if you can't read it, I'll poke you in the direction of the fanart...

URL of the group:


URL of the images:


(the seventh link down on the navigation bar *not counting the Yahoo logo and the link right under that*, if you wanted to stick with frames.)

fanart that I thought was SQUEEEE!!!!!!!!Collapse )

OH MAN, THAT'S JUST THE FIRST PAGE AND THERE'S 101 OF THESE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't spam you wonderful people's LJs too much, but I am off to explore this GOD OF A YAHOO GROUP and fangirl!! Ta for now!!

[EDIT] Oh my gosh, I completely forgot that you have to be in the group to view the images. So... join!! If you don't have an account, sign up!! :D

[05 Jun 2004|11:58am]
Well, I'm back. Not that I was, y'know, ever gone in the first place... but I haven't been updating and everything because I'm lazy and blah.

First day of marching band was Tuesday!!! <3 I expected to absolutely HATE it, because I'm not a big outdoors person, but it was just so FUN!! And they singled me out!!!! (along with another girl whose name I forgot) because I was so cool and nifty because I was apparently doing really well on my knee-breaking (*SNAP* OH GOD MY KNEE) and Mr. Galloway wanted to prove that "freshmen really could do it" or something... and we had to go up in front of, like, 100 people and "demonstrate". I was absolutely terrified, but it was pretty cool. =) I now have "Detail, atten-HUT!!!!!" and "Detail, parade REST!!!" stuck in my head for the rest of my life.

As some of you know, I said a long, lonnnng time ago that I was never, ever taking scissors to my own hair again, because my hair-cutting skills suck monkey. But yesterday I cut bangs for myself, because I didn't listen to myself when I should have. They're down to a little below my eyes, because I was terrified to go any further. I now look something like this:

Anyways, here are pictures of some absolutely gorgeous Tenipuri character cards/doorknob things that I completely jacked off someone at VeryCD.com's forum's signature thing. (simplified Chinese is wonkywonky I want my big5 yo~~~ ;x;)

And yes, I'm direct linking because I'm a huge malicious bitch who enjoys sapping people's bandwidth. They'll be down in a few days.

Fuji looking very girly and cuuuute~~ <3

Eiji with a sign that says "push" between his legs. Ohohohohoho a little slutty now, aren't we?

Ryoma. Yeah, Hyper Bear all the way. w00t.

Oishi looking very nice. I want to give him a wedgie. (but he's wearing a hoodie and hoodies are pwnage so I guess I'll give Ryoma a wedgie because he's wearing a shirt that says hyper bear)

OMG Kaidoh are you watching Korean dramas now?!?!?!?! =O You PANSY!!!! (and he has a sign that says "push" right on his bootay. :3 Competing with Eiji, I see)

Also, it's 85 bloody degrees upstairs!!!! 'Course, the AC isn't on... but damn, it really is summer.
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[25 May 2004|02:50pm]
Haha... things aren't very good right now. I made last band in the auditions. Why is it that whenever I think I did good, I completely sucked ass? But... I'll get over it... there's next year. And maybe if I practiced enough I'll get to play piccolo!! <3 And I had a huge fight with Kevin. That was just stupid. I feel really bad about it already. I don't know if I should apologize or not, after all, he started it. But I shouldn't have just gotten really mad and said all that stuff. I didn't even mean it, it was all out of anger. Whatever. We only have two more days of school, anyway.

I'm still a little down about making third band... I actually felt pretty good about it, too, making second chair. Until I saw everyone around me going like "OMG I SUCK I MADE FIFTH CHAIR IN CONCERT" or "OMG I SUCK I MADE LAST IN SYMPHONIC" and I just want to reach up and HIT them in the face... there are people around you who did ten times worse than you did, would you be a little more considerate????

(by the way, Steph (chan) I'm not trying to make it sound like I'm talking about you personally. 'Cause I'm not. It's just people in general)

Neeee... *poke* Kuro, are you done with the beta-ing yet? Not to rush or anything, just curious :D
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a desperate plea for help.... [23 May 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

MY COMPUTER IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I..I don't know what happened!! I just booted up the system, and it keeps giving me funny errors when I'm trying to log on... okay, this is what happens:

1. I turn the computer on.
2. I enter my password to log in.
3. It says "loading personal settings..."
4. It fucks up.
5. It says something about some driver "0x800" being screwy, or something.
6. It takes me back to the login screen.
7. I try to login again.
8. Loading personal settings...
9. It tells me that some system component is not there to validate my license.
10. I click 'yes', I want to activate Windows XP
11. it either takes me to a funky white screen, or
12. It goes BACK to the login screen.
13. I try to login again.
14. It gives me the 'stop' error message blue screen thing.
15. I cry.
16. I pray to random gods.
17. I pet the computer and kiss it.
18. Nothing happens.
19. I scream and cry and call tech support.
20. They hold me on the line for 23945620934564 hours.
21. I have to leave to go to a thing.

;_________; If any of you are computer people, can you help me?????? PLEASE???? I have a Windows XP... manufactured by Dell...

(I'm on a friend's computer right now, BTW)

EEEEE BUT I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found that all my files are SAFE!!! See, what I was most upset about was losing, like, the 400 screenshots and lots of art and stuff for the shrine, but I checked my thing and it's all safe!!!!! It's all safely tucked away on the FTP. =) must've uploaded it without realizing it.

BAH STUPID LUCKY VINCENT GETS A BB GUN, XBOX, TWO GAMES, A NEW COMPUTER, NEW PRINTER, ALL THIS NEW FUCKING STUFF FOR PASSING GT AND ALL I FUCKING GOT FOR IT IN SECOND GRADE WERE TWO FUCKING COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! They weren't even good cookies, either!!!! Stupid teacher had two packages of cookies, one vanilla, one chocolate. She said since there were less vanilla than chocolate, we could only take either two vanillas, or one of each. Near the middle she was all "hurhur so many people are taking two vanillas you kids can take two chocolates now!!!" and when my name was called, they had run out of chocolates... so I had to have two vanilla cookies!!! To this day, I'm still angry about that... stupid stupid stupid stupid Mrs. Knox!!!! GAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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[08 May 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

You know how I was so happy about losing three pounds a few days ago? I found out my scale is a DIRTY STINKING LIAR. I weighed myself the day after and was all "WTF?!??!" when I saw that I had gained back all three pounds, 'cause I'd been eating less and everything! But then I weighed myself again and again and I kept gaining and losing weight all in the span of a minute.. so I decided it was my scale that was fat, not me.

Ooh, also me and my brother climbed onto the roof at night to read manga a few days ago!! We just opened my window, put towels on the roof, propped pillows up against the windowsill, and read by the light of my room. I'm a genius, ain't I. Hurhur. Prolly shouldn't have read horror manga outside on the roof in the dark at ten, but whatever.

Oh and BTW I just finished watching Freddy vs. Jason. That was the bloody worst movie I have ever seen. Even worse than......... well, I can't think of anything to compare it to, it's so damn bad.

And Cy Falls was today. We pwned. Trombones are too bloody heavy, though. Now I see why Eva is so strong.

And I have made a dorky list.

You Know You're a Photoshop Dork When...Collapse )

This picture of pimp daddy Tachibana is just funny XD

And so is
this one! "I'll pwn you!! I'm just a tennis boy..."

Actually, I'm just in <3 with this site in general. Kay, so the art isn't THAT great, but there's a ton of it to make up for it <3 whoever said quantity can't beat quality is a DIRTY LIAR. Also, the artist seems to have a cutely pervy mind. ^_~

Oh and here are some random Tenipuri icons I've made.Collapse )

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[ mood | fangirly ]

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY POT DVD EPISODES 116-123 CAME IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-spoilers for eps. 116-123
-excessive squeeing

okok FINE I'll cut it XPCollapse )

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[28 Apr 2004|06:34pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Man, I'm really getting lazy with my updates, aren't I?

ARGH!!!! I HAVE THE WORST COLD!!! >______< I can't breathe, I must have 193,857 gallons of mucus swimming in my throat and nose, and I feel like absolute SHIT. Also, a pimple has just cropped up right underneath my lower lip, which is where the head joint of my flute presses against when I play, and IT HURTS LIKE HELL. I missed over 90% of the stuff we played in band for the past three days because I would start coughing violently whenever I took a breath, and now whenever I DO try to play it feels like a million little needles are jabbing through my pimple. <3 Julie is not happy.

Oh and BTW I'm going to change the hiatus homepage of no-point.net to crapsketch in MSPaint of Tezuka eating toast saying "FUCK OFF MAN I AM EATING TOAST" and stick figure porn. YAY.

Also, a quiz result. Julie's first tenipuri quiz. WOW MUST PHOTOGRAPH.

You are Atobe Keigo. You are mentally unstable
because you have an ego the size of Africa.
You also have a tendency to end every sentence
you speak with 'Naa, Kabaji?'

Which mentally unstable TeniPuri boy are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Mm. Not really.

and I don't even like Atobe at all

*peeks at results*

.... THERE WAS SHINJI?!?!??!?!?! But.... but I wanted Shinji!!! *fumes* Mm. So pretty. and there's been a recent kick of Shinji/Kamio fics on tenipuri_yaoi lately, yay!!! ^___^

though I'm actually sort of surprised Fuji wasn't included in the results. I mean I don't think he's really evil like every other tenipuri fan, but so many people do that I thought he would be at the top of the list.

Oh by the way I don't hate Fuji anymore. I like him quite a lot now, actually! ^_^ I guess it's 'cause I was into the fandom before I watched the actual anime, and the fics characterized him all evil and shit and bent on destroying the lives of his teammates. So I thought "what a bastard!!" But he actually isn't like that at all. He's really pretty cute. Sometimes I feel like YAY I LOVE FUJI, except not really because first impressions take a long time to wear off. And speaking of that,


(for the semifinals for the tournament, and on Rikkaidai)

GAHHHHHH!!!!!! What the FUCK happened to Kirihara??? He was so fucking adorable when he first showed up!!! Like when he came to spy on Seigaku??? He was so bloody CUTE!!! I loved him so much!! Then he shows up again about 50 episodes later and he's this RAWR I'M EVIL AND I HIT GUYS ON THE HEAD WITH TENNIS BALLS dude, and he's so MEAN and shit, and.... argh!!!!! >_______< but I don't completely hate him just yet, because like I said I started out loving him and it takes a while for that love to wear off. We'll see if he can prove himself to be more likeable later on. *crosses fingers* I really hate hating anime boys, because it seems whomever I dislike, the rest of the fandom is madly in love with.



WAHHHH!!!!! THEY COMPLETELY TRASHED FUDOMINE!!!! They PWNED them!!! They KICKED THEIR ASSES!!!!! (And in the manga Kirihara actually smacked Tachibana in the head with tennis balls instead of that "ooh im so sneaky imma gonna put weight on his injured right foot" shit) But....but I loved my Fudomine, and I knew it was coming 'cause I knew Rikkaidai had to get all this exposure from playing Seigaku and shit but ARGH!!! I'm so SAD!! I actually whined "nooooooooooo" and started rocking back and forth as I watched Fudomine get pwned!! WAHHHHHHHH!!!!! But--- Fudomine!!! FUDOMINE!!! FUDOMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes I know I probably should've put that under an LJcut and all that good stuff, but NYAH I'M LAZY. And now I shall conclude this fangirly whiny post with Shinji drinking tea and Tezuka in smexy pink lingerie. Mm, Tezuka. Mm, smexy pink lingerie.

Yup I'm trying out a new style-- kind of like those Japanese fanart sites with really soft colors but hard, blunt lines. I like the look very much, actually <3 And I think I'm getting quicker-- actually finished both of those in the same day! =) though I think that's 'cause the style is so simple.

Oh and the little words by Tezuka's feet are part of a chocolate butterscotch trifle recipe I got from the lovely mad_about_yaoi. Doodled it on the paper that I printed out but was too lazy to edit it out. XD

[EDIT] Ooh, and I didn't want to put this up in another entry but I thought it was funny ^_^

tricycle's Word Usage
1. and (379) 26. be (45) 51. love (28) 76. would (19)
2. the (273) 27. like (45) 52. if (27) 77. toilet (19)
3. to (244) 28. she (44) 53. too (27) 78. shinji (18)
4. i (238) 29. all (43) 54. have (26) 79. little (18)
5. a (203) 30. had (41) 55. i'm (25) 80. them (18)
6. in (144) 31. at (40) 56. what (23) 81. get (18)
7. was (128) 32. her (39) 57. an (23) 82. sex (18)
8. of (119) 33. out (38) 58. people (23) 83. sexy (17)
9. my (104) 34. about (38) 59. we (23) 84. good (17)
10. you (100) 35. from (38) 60. more (23) 85. friends (17)
11. but (92) 36. not (37) 61. how (22) 86. has (17)
12. he (90) 37. really (37) 62. never (21) 87. day (17)
13. it (89) 38. just (37) 63. also (21) 88. think (16)
14. me (84) 39. this (34) 64. know (20) 89. other (16)
15. so (82) 40. they (33) 65. now (20) 90. kamio (16)
16. is (76) 41. were (33) 66. see (20) 91. mom (16)
17. that (73) 42. because (33) 67. it's (20) 92. seat (16)
18. with (70) 43. some (32) 68. then (20) 93. am (15)
19. for (68) 44. are (30) 69. easily (20) 94. very (15)
20. his (64) 45. one (30) 70. ass (20) 95. well (15)
21. jiro (53) 46. or (30) 71. got (19) 96. much (15)
22. loves (52) 47. up (29) 72. probably (19) 97. didn't (15)
23. hisashi (48) 48. him (29) 73. your (19) 98. go (15)
24. said (47) 49. as (29) 74. x (19) 99. can't (15)
25. on (47) 50. when (28) 75. will (19) 100. others (15)
Word Count by Hutta.

Mm. Bold.
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[18 Apr 2004|06:21pm]
My entire website was destroyed.

All of no-point.net is GONE. The e-mail is gone, every single fucking FILE is gone. I can't get into my FTP, and I have holes in my backup files.

I was wondering what purpledave@maskofdestiny.com meant in his blank e-mail with the subject line of WEBSIDESTROY CODE, and the following e-mail with END WEBSIDESTROY CODE.

I am so fucking angry right now.
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[22 Mar 2004|05:25pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm back!! Did you miss me? XD

Japan was SO FRICKING AWESOME!!! The city was absolutely wonderful and so fun, and the fashions were so cool!! Everyone's hair was absolutely awesome. There is absolutely NO ONE without dyed hair-- old people, young people, little kids-- there is not a single person with pure black hair. Well, in Tokyo anyway. In Nagoya where things were a bit more conservative, more people had black hair.

I bought so much stuff!! Presents for you lovely people, of course. ^_~ And spoiled myself with tons of clothes. Like I said, Jap fashions are so COOL, and the street malls had fairly priced stuff (the dept. stores were way overpriced, though.) Bought a nifty white trenchcoat and about 15 pairs of socks, including schoolgirl socks and starry socks and leg warmers.

I miss the people already. In our group there were a few kids from Kempner, and Jack was so cool. Will probably never get to see him again, but hopefully we'll stay in touch with everyone! And China-chan (daughter in my host family) was so CUTE!!! She was seventeen and VERY sweet, and had mad awesome guitar skills. She has like two or three guitars, and she plays so well! One of them is a traditional wooden-ish one, and the other is this sweet black electric guitar that's all shiny and stuff. I saw her in her room playing her guitar to the song on the radio, and I was like "wow..." But I was an absolute FUCKTARD and forgot to put my second disposable camera in my backpack (put it in my luggage, where it was shipped to the airport) and didn't get to take a picture of it. ;_; Will be beating myself up for that for the rest of my life. The whole host family was very, very sweet. Japanese baths are teh bomb <3 but their house was so cold, but the bed was so comfy because it had about 6 blankets with a soft fluffy fuzzy futon <3

Also bought five random yaoi manga from BookOff. Three of them were absolutely terrible, but the other two were so CUTE!! Fluffy sweet shounen-ai. Also bought Prince of Tennis 22 and 23, along with some other manga.

probably be a summary of every day to come later, once Jessica gives me the CD with the pictures and stuff. I luff you Jessica <3 Also, will be skipping school tomorrow as I am going to keel over and die from jet lag.

The city rocks my socks. SUGAR LAND SUCKS MAJOR ASS

[eDit] It was a good idea to skip school today, apparently. Slept till 4PM today.

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I'M GOING TO JAPAN AND YOU'RE NOT. XP [12 Mar 2004|08:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

I'll be gone for about a week! I'm going to be in Japan!! YAY! Love you all, see you on Sunday!

My birthday is Tuesday...

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a desperate, desperate plea for help [03 Mar 2004|10:45pm]
Does anyone know of a media player that can capture screenshots with AVI files?? I want to take some screenshots and stuff, and I was depending on WinDVD to do it, but for some weird reason the capture button doesn't work when playing my PoT episodes (and works for all other stuff) so I tried to convert the files to MPGs, but that just made WinDVD fuck up even more...
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[28 Feb 2004|11:11pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Stolen from vadalia.

Leave a comment with a drabble request, 'ship or character-based. Give me a character/pairing and one line of dialogue(or sentence or whatever) to be written in a 100-500 word drabble. After you comment put this meme in your own journal.

Hmm, I haven't written a fic in a while...

Anyhoo, today I went shopping with mom to buy me a coat for Japan, and I saw a pair of absolutely fucking GORGEOUS jeans. They were SO BEAUTIFUL, I just wanted to beat people up and steal their money. And they were on sale for 30 dollars!!!!! Were originally 60 bucks, what kind of clothes freak wouldn't go crazy over that????

They were a light powdery pink color, with about a million silver buckles, belts, zippers, and the like. But I ended up not being able to buy them, because mom was a bitch.

Also washed the turtle tank today. I had a small piece of glass from the chipped marbles slightly stuck in the side of my hand, so I pulled it out and went to the car to retrieve my CD from mom's laptop. One of my fingers felt sticky, so I swiped at it, thinking it was the chapstick I had put away earlier, but it was dark so I couldn't see. When I got into the car and turned on the light I saw that it wasn't chapstick, it was blood and I was bleeding all over the place. (well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I was bleeding quite a bit) It was probably from some of the chipped glass from the marbles in the turtle tank, which were covered in turtle poop, and those turtles had been caught from a lake so I probably have, like, AIDS now. Whoohoo.

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